If you knew

Tonight I saw your face again Almost forgot how good your voice sounded To my mind it’s like a sweet whisper You finally got to notice me deeper. I heard you out when you said I was cool That you were pleased to see me too But only if you knew… That my heart already … More If you knew


I have been blessed with beauty and rage, I have been given a poisonous flamme, And I look like an angel, a divine woman, What a shame to believe such a pity masquerade. I am a troublemaker As I am my own danger If I start to tear you apart It’s to wreck my own … More Cursed

I Think Of You

I think of you when I wake up and my blanket is down my legs because I got warmer in the night but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be in your arms and be hotter right now. I think of you when a ray of sun passes through the curtains to softly light … More I Think Of You