I Think Of You

I think of you when I wake up and my blanket is down my legs because I got warmer in the night but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be in your arms and be hotter right now.

I think of you when a ray of sun passes through the curtains to softly light up my skin, the exact way that your hand would gently caresses it if you were laying next to me.

I think of you when I make cereals and after eating them the milk taste like them, just like your smell still imprints my room when you left.

I think of you when I’m showering, the water running down my face drifts me to our moments near the beach.

I think of you when I get dressed remembering the way you uncovered my body and claimed it as a masterpiece.

I think of you when I walk in the streets and elderly still holds hands while walking, it brings me the same belonging feeling that I have with your being.

I think of you when I am at work and the clouds are filled with more colors than a rainbow as if they were a represented painting of my love.

I think of you on my way home because I am relieved that I got through that day, the same feeling you give me when my world is crashing and you hold me tight; you heal me.

I think of you when I am in bed starring at the ceiling looking for forms and answers to my scary questions only to find out that the answer is you:

It was always you.

You are my safety and security.

You are my true love and favorite friendship.

I think of you everyday of the week.

I have been waiting for you and longing to meet you my prince charming.


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7 thoughts on “I Think Of You

  1. Love this. What a beautiful way to voice that feeling, when every little thing throughout the day draws your thoughts back to one special face. Love it. Thanks for sharing!
    And thanks for visiting my site. 🖤

    Liked by 1 person

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